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We Are EntrepreneuHer

Although each and every one of our EntrepreneuHer's are considered members of the team, here are a few tea members who work behind the scenes

Billy Rae Whittaker

Founder/Creative Director

Billy is the everlasting dreamer. She has been building up her own business since her childhood and never stops finding bigger dreams to dream. She is passionate about good design and entrepreneurship. Building up professionals has become her life's work. She makes up one half of the Whittaker dream team and is a proud Mama of one chill little guy!

Ricky Whittaker


The man, the myth, the legend. Ricky is the logistics guy. He enjoys understanding the "whys" and "hows" of what makes things work and is always looking to improve what he can. He is also a big dreamer and makes up the other half of the Whittaker dream team. Ricky's passion is serving other people, his family, and playing with his little mini-me.

Ryan Ulrich


An "everything woman" by nature, she wears many hats and fills many roles including mothering three adventurous boys. Ryan loves coffee, good food, her family, and all things weddings. She has the gift of story telling and is one of the most easy-going women you will ever meet. Her passion is family and building relationships.

our story


Believe me when I say the story of EntrepreneuHer is as humble as it gets. Hi, I am the editor and creator of EntrepreneuHer. My story story starts in a small, three stop-light town on the east coast. I started a design business when I was 14 years old with a dream to do more to help people. At that age it was impossible for me to promote my business and accomplish everything I wanted to with it because I had no income to support my start up. It became very clear that if I wanted to remain the sole owner of my company, I would have to grow it slowly and diligently, careful to put any profits I made back into my company. I remember very clearly, the day I "launched" my business. I vowed to help others like me. I vowed to be the mentor I wished I had, the peer who I wished believed in me, and the professional with opportunity who I wished might give a girl with a dream a chance. I am fortunate enough to say today I have served several hundred clients through design and media. My little childhood dream, is still growing and most importantly, still helping people. EntrepreneuHer has grown out of that dream. My unique training and experience as a visual artist allows me to create promotional platforms for professionals in house which reduced costs significantly and open up avenues of opportunity that otherwise would not be there. I created EntrepreneuHer as a way for professionals of any kind to start growing their business and following no matter what their tier of success. I know what it is like to start from scratch and I hope to offer as many avenues to success as I can for the ladies in the EntrepreneuHer circles! Thanks for being here friend. Let's do some awesome things together!

billy rae

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