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Hey there! Grab your coffee and pull up a chair, it's time to get to know each other. Are you an EntrepreneuHer? Do you have big plans and big dreams? Looking to join a network of empowering women just like you?


EntrepreneuHer is a network of women who are dedicated to fulfilling their professional dreams and helping each other reach their full potential along the way! Ask questions, share opportunities, dream a little harder. The EntrepreneuHer network was made for real women with real struggles and real courage. Whatever the reason you are here, we're happy to have you!

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a woman who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal risks in order to do so.



The Perks

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01. Unique Finds

Most of the entrepreneurs we've met heave a really unique outlook on their product or service. One of my favorite ways to meet new business owners is just to get to know the owners of the shops that we frequent. What we've found is that we much prefer the products and services we get from shopping local or small businesses to anything we get commercially. They usually have a much better quality and are sometimes even hand crafted which offers a much more unique experience than anything we could get in a store. This network offers a virtual extension of that that. It allows us to essentially step into you shop and learn about your business no matter where we are

02. Promotional

Having trouble getting the exposure you need from your ideal client? When you become a part of our network you have exclusive opportunities to be showcased in our journal and E-TV unlike other networks. Our journal will allow you to write out your story and grab the attention of not only your peers, but those who will find your story to be truly inspiring. Our E-TV features are a truly unique way for people to step in your shoes for a day and for you to quickly gain that exposure you deserve.  In addition, Having like-minded professionals at your back can be just the boost you need when starting out and sustaining your business. Like each others pages, collaborate, share a post from a peer that inspires you. 

03. Building Up

If you ask a entrepreneur what key aspect allowed them to succeed in their business, they will tell you one ingredient is  the wisdom they gleaned from other professionals. Finding a mentor that has already succeeded at what you are trying to do makes a world of difference. We sometimes find that even our peers and other businesses who would usually be considered "competitors" have offered up rather helpful advice in areas we previously struggled with or were just new to navigate through. This is a great place to ask questions about anything at all. Let's not be knowledge hoarders, build each other up!

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